Park 4 Dvory - 4 Courts Park

The park was opened on 19 September 2014 with an inauguration ceremony. It was built on the site of the former military area, centrally between the housing estates of Máj and Vltava. Park is on the base of winning design from architecture competition in the year 2012 Park Considering the geological conditions of the area (clayey soil which suffocates new plants that have not been pre-cultivated in these conditions), the main concept of dealing with vegetation that was chosen was the principle of directed succession. The park was designed as the entrance into the landscape. The landscape - area with undirected succession - is a logical and natural continuation of the succession areas of the park. The 4Courts Park is not delimiting itself from the landscape but it gradually merges into it. The park on the site of the former military area is naturally interconnected by the chosen concept with both the immediate and the more remote areas of the communities that are close to the landscape, as well as with the ecosystem of nearby ponds.

Points of entry into the park are connected to the streets of future new blocks of flats. The network or paths is purposefully designed to service all the necessary activities in the park, it connects entry points with the potential goals of the park visitors and forms a natural tissue of the area. Considering the area waterlogging, the network of paths is based on the heaped terrain. The area is divided by the elevated paths into subareas of individual degrees of succession.

Authors: Markéta and Petr Velička and David Prudík M&P Architects - Landscape Architecture Terezie Havlíková, Kateřina Koudelová, Pavla Drbalová, Jitka Daňková, Jan Cyrany, Eva Teplická, Jan Zemánek
Photo Credit: Jakub Holas, Petr Velička
Country: Czech Republic


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