2022 Public Park ‘Stantsionna Gradina’

STANTSIONNA GRADINA is a city garden/park in Stara Zagora created 1898-1901, with an area of 52 928 m2.

The main goal of the project is to turn the desolate and infamous garden into a place full of various functions and entertainment, to create an aesthetically pleasing modern park environment, consistent with the historical heritage. It was done:

Reorganization of the space and complete renovation of the path network. Designing a new system of green areas with new geometry. The main highlights located along the main pedestrian axis are the “compass” at the northern entrance to the garden, the “fountain” in the central space and the “symbol” at the station square.

Existing large vegetation is preserved and included in the new designed compositional frame. Series of hedges, green volumes in free oval shapes emphasize a new compositional solution.

Design of park areas filled with various functions, suitable for use by a wide age group. New appealing park lighting makes the garden attractive during the late hours and video surveillance system makes it safer.

Public square places and the art alley are space for concerts, outside exhibitions, competitions and other cultural events.

Authors: LANDSCAPE DESIGN INVEST LTD. Landscape architect KORNELIYA MATOROVA Architects: S. Yancheva, G. Chernev, I. Altanova
Photo Credit: Photo 1-2: Mihail Mihalev Photo 3-5: Korneliya Matorova
Country: Bulgaria


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