Radhusparken Umea - City Hall Park Umea

Umeå municipality commissioned a design for rebuilding of the urban spaces along the main axis of the city, reaching from the railway station to the Ume River. The reconstruction was to reinforce the identity of Umeå as a young, vital university city, worthy of the title of the cultural capital city of Europe in 2014.

Ramboll Landscape and Urban Planning in Stockholm had the assignment to design the urban spaces around the City Hall, the park and the dockside. The valuable qualities of the neo-classicist cityscape of Umeå have been conserved while reconstructing and enhancing valuable elements. The dockside has been created anew to harmonize with new city development.

The light nights of the summer landscape are mirrored in the planting design of the park, whereas the white winter landscape is enhanced by the lighting design that gives the urban spaces a soft character and highlights the riparian landscape.

The complexity of the project created a demand for highly site-specific technical solutions and tailor-made furniture and surfacing, while managing a tight schedule. The result clarifies the central axis of the city, creating new attractive spaces for a growing group of users.

Authors: Ramböll Sverige AB, Ulf Nordfjell
Photo Credit:
Country: Sweden


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