Regional Spatial Plan of South-East Slovenia

In the last 25 years the number of municipalities in Slovenia increased from 61 to 212 and in the year 2003 the Regional Spatial Plan (RSP) was established by the law as a partnership act between the state and municipalities. The RSP of SE Slovenia was prepared in the interdisciplinary team in the interactive process with numerous participants as a strategic spatial plan, based on professional bases, on directions of the state planning stakeholders and of municipalities and on analyses and evaluations of the landscapes, settlements and infrastructure. It defined strategic goals and directions for spatial development of the region: the uban system, economic zones, touristic areas and highly evaluated landscape areas were outlined, the directions for detailed spatial plans for the main infrastructure were defined, and also the mechanisms for the implementation and follow-up. In 2006, the preparation of the RSP was stopped due to the legal cancellation of the RSP as a spatial plan, so the results of the actual phase of the project were adopted with the consensus of all the municipalities and in the following years it was used directly as the professional basis for the preparation of the new municipal spatial plans in the region.

Authors: Jelka Hudoklin, MSc, landscape planner, landscape arch., Acer Novo mesto
Photo Credit: Jelka Hudoklin, MSc, landscape planner, landscape arch., Acer Novo mesto
Country: Slovenia


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