Revitalizácia vnútorného priestoru nákupného strediska Centrum, Prešov

The Centrum shopping area is the centre of the northern part of the residential area Sídlisko III in Prešov. It is located along the north-south composition axis and is the centre of public facilities that attracts pedestrians from the surrounding areas. The main objective of the proposed solution is to turn the centre into alive public urban space. Its visual concept is based on the geometry that requires a simple material conception. The basic principles of the solution lie in linking the individual levels using a ”carpet” and communication opening. The undulating carpet integrates the functions of a square, communication, gathering places, zones designed for relaxing and a water element. However, the key element involves trees. Forty-three adult species Robinia psedoacacia ”Umbraculifera”, commonly called black locust, are arranged in a regular raster 6 by 6 by 6 metres. This solution ensures openness and passability of the internal space. The general urban gesture, namely, the inclusion of the undulating carpet, forms the main visual motif, dominating the entire square. The undulating geometry of the carpet creates a transparent scheme and arranges the space in terms of hierarchy, and at the same time also becomes a background on which individual levels of lights, benches and trees lie.

Authors: Ing. arch. Irakli Eristavi, Ing. arch. Pavol Šilla, Spolupráca: Ing. arch. Martin Jančok, Sadové úpravy: Ing. Rastislav Mochnacký, autorizovaný krajinný architekt
Photo Credit: Photo 1,2,3 Ludvik Grym Photo 4,5 Arhiv Zerozero
Country: Slovakia


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