Saint-Ouen/Park of the Docks

The Park of the Docks is an extensive green space on the banks of the Seine, the keystone of the 100ha development zone on the edge of Saint-Ouen’s historical centre situated North of Paris. The transformation of a monofunctional, industrial territory into a new mixed development fully integrated in the existing town is conceived around the park, a link in the urban fabric, a community facility, and a hydraulic system treating rainwater for the entire development and allowing floodwater expansion.

The park was imagined as a series of platforms for activities and floodable biodiverse hollows parallel to the river. Rainwater from the ecoquarter is filtered by plants, oxygenated by cascades, and reused in the family gardens, next to the community greenhouse, one of a series of buildings by Agence Ter Architectures. A generous multipurpose lawn is complemented by wildflower meadows. Links between future urbanism and park are reinforced by the axes of the composition, and the use of ‘ha-ha’s and water as barriers to keep views open. The chateau is linked into the park by an avenue of oaks, and set in terraced gardens, and to the south west, an extensive plaza forms a balcony onto the park.

Authors: Agence Ter (lead consultant : Henri Bava Michel Hössler, Olivier Philippe) and team : Agence Ter Architectures (architectes) + Berim (engineering and cost consultant) + Coup d’Éclat (lighting consultant) + Biotope (ecological consultant) + ISL (geo-engineering) + Phytorestore (Hydraulic & Pond ecology) + Skatepark Service Conseil

Authors: Agence Ter (lead consultant: Henri Bava, Michel Hössler, Olivier Philippe)
Photo Credit: © Agence Ter
Country: France


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