The residential complex is an eye-catcher in Vienna’s urban development project Seestadt Aspern D12. The idea of combining natural materials with modern architecture continues in the open space. Wooden elements create unique Canyon, surrounded by courtyards with flourishing vegetation. The avantgarde design of the open spaces underlines the unusual nature of the building complex. The whole space: the inviting Canyon that encourages appropriation and play in the heart of the complex is an exemplary offer to all residents and visitors. The youth playground is used by residents and visitors of all generations and age groups and has thus become a lively public zone. The lower-lying “valley” is the courtyard’s incisive element, differently structured wooden walls, encourages to engage in obstacles races or circuit training.

Angled walls and integrated sitting elements provide the opportunity to relax and observe. The invitingly bright yellow EPDM surface covers the entire Canyon, serves as fall protection and also contributes to noise abatement. The Canyon’s end lead into green courtyards which form an organic landscape. Small-crowned rees growing between grassed mounds provide ideal visual screens for private terraces and create privacy without fences.

Authors: Idealice Landscape Architecture; team: DI Alice Größinger, Mag. Arch. Robert Größinger, MA Matthias Bresseleers, DI Srdan Ivkovic
Photo Credit: Hertha Hurnaus
Country: Austria


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