Służewski Community Centre (SDK)

Project around Służewski Community Centre (SDK) is the response for demand of local society and program establishments of the Community Centre. The SDK is functioning for many ages in a current place. Our team was invited do cooperation with WWAA and 137kilo companies, which won the architectural competition for development of the area in year 2008. The building complex alludes to traditional farms, which were located at this terrain till 70’s. Entire area is divided to three zones of various functions and character.

It is an open urban path, modern village site and park with backwater and catwalk.

Consistent, functional division enables to give a various character to every single zone. While entering the, terrain opens threw a wide panorama for main entrance located at the bottom of amphitheatre. In next zone there are buildings, the amphitheatre, goats pen, social vegetable garden and playground located.

Depending on the age group of potential users, the scale and density of elements changes. The programs idea for playground was to support the social development skills of children, diversity of movement, offering not directly defined way of playing. Going threw the last zone-park, onlooker is amazed by the open space.

The establishment of the project is to apply pro-ecological solutions, consistant with Community Centers activity. There are various functions implemented. These functions enable visitors to stop for a while in a vibrant city life, relax, make an occasional meeting. This place is diversified area, filled with facilities to choose from.

Authors: Toposcape – Justyna Dziedziejko, Ewa Potapow, Anna Figiel, Urszula Michalska,
Photo Credit: Photo 1 Dziedziejko, Photo 2-5 SDK
Country: Poland


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