Sveta Gora

The park is located in the locality “Sveta Gora” from where its name comes. It is a public green area located less than 1 km from the city center in southeast direction. Due to division of the locality and the urban part by Yantra River, the vast area of 53.7 ha and the relief features, the park territory remains outside of the busy urban environment and allows for longer stays of visitors and more recreational activities.

The project aim is the reconstruction of the park territory consisting in the development of separate parts and zones, connected by walkways and visually connected with characteristic cultural and historical landmarks, located on the neighboring hills “Tsarevets” and “Trapezitsa”.

The analysis of the territory allows to be developed a concept, related to three main aspects:

  • preservation of the natural appearance of the environment and multipurpose use of the proposed elements;
  • stressing on combinations of colors, shapes, textures and materials;
  • inclusion of a wide variety of recreational facilities and activities for visitors of different ages.

Photo Credit: Veselin Shahanov
Country: Bulgaria


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