Terkos Old Water Pumping Station Museum

Terkos Water Technologies Information Center Terkos Pumping Station had been the water supply of Istanbul’s potable water demand for over a hundred years, before it has lost its function and became an inert and abandoned space. However, the site of Pumping Station, Lake Terkos and surroundings, with its distinctive flora and fauna, still maintain to be one of the most significant ecological areas of Istanbul. By reusing this area as public space, the station and surroundings were converted into Water Technologies Museum.

Alongside its new function as a museum, transforming the area into a place of recreation while restoring the corrupted ecosystem along wetland, has been the fundamental aspect for design proposal.

Additionally, considering rising water level in winter season in order to provide a promenade in the site, walkways were designed to be elevated from the ground. Thus, the walkways, creating holistic perception, became formatives inserted into existing landscape niches. Furthermore, in relation with water these walkways compose piers and terraces fortifying the connection with water.The observation towers that are attached to these spots not only create a place for surveillance of water birds and bird immigrations while offering special perspectives and exposures, they also provide visitors with areas to stop, observe around and spend time in.

The varying interactions with water of each visitors of every age group were established through the creation of stopping-resting-viewing points that embrace different flora and topography relations in the area.

Developing the area in the concept of an ecological park with related elements has been the intention of this design by preserving the existing ecosystem and restoring it with limited interventions. In this way the notion of landscape formed a link between the museum and the natural surroundings.


Landscape Architecture: DS Landscape &Trafo Architects
Landscape Architect of Record/Firm: Deniz Aslan / DS Landscape &Trafo Architects
Lead Designer: Elif Çelik,
Architectural Project: Deniz Aslan, Ardaİnceoğlu, İpekYürekli
Additional Project Credit: EsinGümüş, EsraDoğan

Authors: DS Landscape &Trafo Architects
Photo Credit: Gürkan Akay
Country: Turkey


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