Upgrading streetscape in Riga city historical centre

The revitalisation of Kr. Barona street is a pilot project aiming at enhancing liveability in a systematic way of a car oriented public space within historical city centre in UNESCO protected area. The street is 3.2 km long, connecting suburbs with the old town, giving access to cars and tramway. It is an attractive and intensively used public space with unique historical atmosphere and spaces of diverse character. Although it preserved it ‘s street profile, this urban space could be described as degraded because of very poor physical condition, domination of traffic, nearly lost green infrastructure and absence of amenities.

In order to address these challenges, spatial interventions included changes in traffic organisation, renovation of pavement, renovation of green infrastructure, inserting new amenities. New suggestion strips for bikes were created, speed was limited to 30 km/h, barrier free design principles were used organising street profile. Asphalt was replaced by historical pavement materials (cobblestones) for the road and new pavement was designed for pedestrian areas. Three level greenery ( ground covering plants, bushes, trees) was created: ca. 90 new trees and 4000 bushes were planted. New areas for sitting, bike racks and planters completed missing amenities.This project is a first attempt of Riga city authorities to systematically approach street scape and green infrastructure issues involving inhabitants, professional non-governmental organisations and other stakeholders.

Authors: E@E Ltd., ALPS Ltd.
Photo Credit: E@E Ltd., ALPS Ltd
Country: Latvia


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