Vestre Fjordpark

The outdoor swimming pool is an important part of the city of Aalborg’s recreational landscape. With a bathing culture that has characterized the area for 120 years and where a diversity of users has set a lively, friendly atmosphere, the new Fjord Park complies with these qualities, and sets the scene for an active and coherent green-blue experience.

The main focus has been to ensure the continuity of the grand fjord landscape in the framed park landscape thus establishing a logical and easy accessible connection between water and land. The Fjord Park consists of an unfenced open-air pool, activity areas and light wooden buildings, hosting various sport clubs and a café.

The landscape is divided into several subdivisions with each their own distinctive character: The Isthmus to the north with associations to the raw nature along the fjord. The Beach around the open-air swimming pool with water, sand and bathing activities. The Forest and The Wetlands to the west and south, with dense planting that contrast the open spaces to the east towards the city.

Awards: Winner of the Aalborg Municipality Building Prize 2017 for an excellent connection between landscape and architecture.

Authors: GHB Landskabsarkitekter, ADEPT, Rekommanderet, Orbicon/Niras
Photo Credit: Photo 1: ADEPT, Photo 2-5 Landskabsarkitekter
Country: Denmark


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