Di-vine landscapes

In the heart of Monte San Bartolo Natural Park, in Pesaro, the landscape is revealed in a happy fusion between natural aspects and the presence of man. A regular and delicate texture woven on harsh lands and born from the recovery of an ancient native vine, which had been lost over time, the Focara, embroiders the living cliff overlooking the sea.

The restoration work, in addition to characterizing a production of award-winning and high-quality wines that owe the organoleptic qualities thanks to the chemical-physical components of these lands beaten by sea winds, has contributed to the maintenance and protection of these fragile territories for constitution as well as generating economies and culture.

Fattoria Mancini is one of only two producers of the DOC Colli Pesaresi Focara Pinot Nero, a recognition acquired in 2000 for the quality and history of this wine.

Rural landscape category:
- Agro-biodiversity
- Local and Traditional Knowledge Systems
- Cultures, Value Systems and Social Organisations
- Landscapes and Seascapes Features

Author(s): Antonella Melone
Photo Credit: Antonella Melone
Country: Italy

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