Humanity’s Quest for Nature

With the decline of nature day by day, people want to find nature and live in nature. Finding the relaxing and peaceful effect that nature has to offer is getting harder in today’s conditions.
“Humanity’s Quest for Nature” is based on people getting away from the crowded city life and witnessing the unique sunset. The sun goes down every day, but seeing the harmony of uniquely beautiful nature is only for people whose awareness is above optimum conditions. In order to see the unique harmony in nature, the light hitting the sea at golden hours and the unique colour riots in the sky create a pleasant feast for you to watch. Vegetation, trees and flowers, which are an integral part of nature, silently watch the sunset. Just like us humans… It feels very lucky to witness the sea views that allow to look from a very wide frame. Being able to see the inseparable whole of nature occurs by combining the puzzle pieces. The sky, the sea and the city life of the people in the middle of it, present us the inseparable parts of nature from a wide perspective. It is entirely up to chance to come across such rare moments, but it is quite possible for nature to have more interaction with the city through us landscape architects. Thanks to “Humanity’s Quest for Nature”, we can see how people have a strong bond with nature. Reducing the stress levels of people with sea views and helping them to escape from city life and relax can be done with landscape and nature studies. We can help people in search of nature, we can try to keep nature together with them and beautify it. The sunset, which meets the sea and nature views, reveals a visual feast. Just like in this image…

Rural landscape category:
- Landscapes and Seascapes Features

Author(s): İlayda Yüce
Photo Credit: İlayda Yüce
Country: Turkey

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