Immortality of Nature

Olive trees, which have been the symbol of civilizations throughout history, have become the representatives of peace, fertility and health, are in a very valuable position for the Aegean Region. Olive has high values in ecological, cultural and economic terms and is an important element of the ecosystem. Olive trees, which have stood the test of time for thousands of years, have gained an immortality identity in the landscape thanks to their strong characteristics. This region, where traditional olive and olive oil production is carried out, is located in the Güzelbahçe district of Izmir, which has a history of 8000 years. It is stated in written sources that the ancient name of this region,
which has been producing olives for 2500 years, comes from Klazomenai, one of the twelve Ionian cities of Kilizman. The ancient city of Klazomenai has been famous for its olive oil trade throughout history.

With Immortality of Nature we witness the olive trees taking their roots by choosing the ancient Anatolian lands and integrating the identity of immortality with nature. The local thorny plants in the front part of the photo refer to the difficult conditions of nature, the formation of life through bitter/sweet dualities, and also to the fact that it is not easy to grow the miraculous olive, known as the tree of immortality.

Rural landscape category:
- Food and livelihood security
- Agro-biodiversity
- Local and Traditional Knowledge Systems

Author(s): Ayşenur Kaylı
Photo Credit: Ayşenur Kaylı
Country: Turkey

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