Rural by the Sea of Elis, Peloponnese

The attached photo is an almost micro photo of a sandy beach in Peloponnese, in this particular photo, you can recognize some different footprints.

This photo is a reference to both the below categories:
- Local and Traditional Knowledge systems. The system should maintain local and invaluable traditional knowledge and practices, ingenious adaptive technology and management systems of natural resources, including biota, land, water which have supported agricultural, forestry and/or fishery activities.
- Landscapes and Seascapes Features
Landscapes or seascapes that have been developed over time through the interaction between humans and the environment, and appear to have stabilized or to evolve very slowly. Their form, shape and interlinkages are characterized by long historical persistence and a strong connection with the local socio-economic systems that produced them. Their stability, or slow evolution, is the evidence of integration of food production, the environment and culture in a given area or region. They may have the form of complex land use systems, such as land use mosaics, water and coastal management systems. A sensitive subject regarding the photo is the fact that the forest area above the beach, used to be a rubbish dump.For those reasons, I do appreciate this full-of-life traces photo.

Rural landscape category:
- Local and Traditional Knowledge systems
- Landscapes and Seascapes Features

Author(s): Alexandra Panagaris
Photo Credit: Alexandra Panagaris
Country: Greece

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