Sunset Saunter

On a Cycladic island near the beach, where the tourists enjoy their swimming, we find the grey-pink wings of the poultry, moving towards the sunset (or just completing the landscape of the sunset). In addition to the poultry that are domestic animals offering their eggs in the photo, the plants of prickly pear and Caper are also found. Prickly pear plants (Opuntia ficus-indica) produce very tasty fruits at the end of August, while Caper (Capparis spinosa) is well known for the delicious berries which are used in Greek salad. It is worth saying that except for these plants, the Arudo donax plants are in the photo as well, with small needs in water and well adapted to the Cycladic landscape.

Rural landscape category:
- Agro-biodiversity

Author(s): Bourtsoukli Dionysia
Photo Credit: Bourtsoukli Dionysia
Country: Greece

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