The foot of the mountain

Despite the pressures of urbanisation in the flatter parts of Slovenia’s landscapes, there are bright and distinctive exceptions.
In the north of Ljubljana, below the foothills of the mountains, stretches the plain of the Sava River.
Here small clustered and roadside villages with isolated field chapels and churches are dotted along the fields. Alongside the typical old Austro-Hungarian division of the land into strips with a great variety of crops, there is a preserved lowland flood forest which regulates the water level. The foothills of the mountains are covered with extensive forests, and occasionally you come across villages carefully adapted to the terrain, while as you climb higher you find isolated farms with cattle and meadow orchards.

Rural landscape category:
- Food and livelihood security
- Local and Traditional Knowledge Systems
- Cultures, Value Systems and Social Organisations
- Landscapes and Seascapes Features

Author(s): Barbara Kostanjsek
Photo Credit: Barbara Kostanjsek
Country: Slovenia

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