The Harmony and Beauty of an historic cultural landscape, which meets Renewable Energy

We see a historic agricultural landscape of enclosed land. Mixed hedges and tree lines separate plots. The land is terraced. Despite the fact that it is a highly productive soil, which has been used for agricultural production since the Bronze Age at least, the separating structures have been conserved, which is very rare in the densely populated and intensively used landscape of Germany. The linear structure of this old agricultural landscape is in contrast with the modern, punctual wind generators. Disregard the contrast, the photo has such a peaceful ambiance. Whenever I showed it at conferences and working meetings, people agreed that wind energy and historic cultural landscapes can be in harmony.

Rural landscape category:
- Agro-biodiversity
- Landscapes and Seascapes Features

Author(s): Alexandra Kruse
Photo Credit: Alexandra Kruse
Country: France

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