Twilight And Almond

In this picture is depicted the rural countryside of Sicily in one of its southernmost part. This is an almond tree field, of a local and particular breed the “mollese” with its very soft shell and the more common breed “tuono”. This field is a social gathering spot, every family in this geographical zone has its own “campagna” where they plant fruit trees and vegetables for their personal use, where the elders dictate what to do in every moment of the year, here their knowledge is passed to the new generation that will use it and continue to care to the almonds. In this moment of the year, during winter, all the seasonal weeds sprout up covering the soil and helping with water retain and soil fixing, two events pretty important to overcome the difficulty of the hot Sicilian summer.

Rural Landscape category:
- Agro-biodiversity
- Cultures, Value Systems and Social

Author(s): Luca Carlino
Photo Credit: Luca Carlino
Country: Italy

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