2020_FALCÃO-CERCO INTERFACE_Strategic Project _Category A

The strategic project FALCÃO-CERCO INTERFACE is a proposal resulting from the study carried out on the territory of Campanhã, within the scope of the internship associated with the URBiNAT Project.
This territory needs social, environmental and functional regenerative solutions, regarding the dissolution of social barriers intensified by the road network, which should give equity of access to sport, culture, leisure and green spaces - important elements in the dynamics of a healthy territory.
The intervention area is in an advanced state of neglect, with built in ruins, old walls, fringes, and small wild forests. It is characterized by dangerous high dip slopes originated by the construction of road network and equipment at low level, highlighted by the biophysical conditions of a small river valley. The concentration of expectant lands, with well-marked informal paths and the presence of protected tree species are the starting point of the design.
This design seeks to create a public space that unites the two social neighbourhoods, contributing to the connection of the green structure and stimulating the interpersonal link of the residents as well as their link to the place, as a structuring part of the revaluation of the eastern part of Porto.
The proposal works the Falcão and Cerco social neighbourhoods link, such as the Cartes river link to the Oriental Park and plans to create two meadows, two productive lands, three squares, an urban forest, and a cultural site. These elements were thought considering public participation and a catalogue of nature based solutions.

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