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RÁKOS CREEK - renaturalization of stream bed and greening of streets

The Rákos Creek is located in the XIV district of Budapest. This stream flows from the Gödöllö Hills and flows into the Danube. The name of the creek comes from the crayfish (Mérványos rékok- Marbled crayfish ) used to live there. Currently, the water is too polluted, so we can’t see them there anymore. Fish ponds along the length of the stream, dammed the water that collected in them, powered the water mills. The stream also fed swampy areas. Unfortunately, in the 18th century, the swamps on the Pest side were drained and the stream was regulated.

The main issue are bottom and bank of the river which are concreted. This makes self-cleaning difficult. Moreover the lack of a natural bottom minimizes the participation of many species of amphibians, fish, shellfish and birds.
The area along the river is not suitable for pedestrians and cyclists. There is only one bicycle path along one stretch of the river, and there aren’t any pedestrian paths in most places. Another problem is the space along the river covered with concreted parking areas which can bear the risk of flooding. The terrain has a poor variety of vegetation mainly planted with trees.
A high voltage line and a lot of billboards cause disharmony in the landscape.
Presented solutions are the answer to existing conflicts in the area. Firstly, it is necessary to transform and renaturize the stream banks. It’s also essential to make paved paths for cyclists and pedestrians along the creek. The road surface should be partially replaced and empty green spaces should be replaced e.g.
with pocket parks and green belts of different levels of greenery. Existing grey parkings should be replaced green parkings. In order to prevent the accumulation of rainwater, rain gardens should be designed along the streets to manage and purify its excess. Larger spaces along the river could be arranged to encourage residents to rest there.

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