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Ábel returns home

The footprint I propose is located in the heart of Romania, in Farkaslaka, at the natal village of the famous Transylvanian writer Áron Tamási.
The writer’s gate is one of the oldest Szekler gates that got preserved in Transylvania. Entering the gate we can see a well organised traditional yard with a wooden house, a barn and an oven building. It functions as a museum.
My concept is a bench in the shade of an apple tree in the eastern part of the yard, a wandering stick and a puli dog guarding the gate. On the back of the bench you can read one of Áron Tamási’s most famous quotes: “Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.” (translated by John Howard Payne). The planned objects have metaphorical meanings, they symbolise the discovery of ourselves and the rediscovery of the beauty of nature.
The dog, named Flea in the novel, and Ábel the young Szekler man, grew up together in the forests of Harghita where they learned to live with the rules of nature and made an eternal friendship. The Puli is a Hungarian dog breed, kind, family-loving, especially good to families with kids. It plays a key and symbolic role: refers to Ábel and brings life to the court.
My concept helps anyone, who visits the yard and takes a seat on the bench, to feel the connection between man and nature and the joy and reassurance that Ábel felt when he returned home.

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