2016/ Alight Stop, Category A


Project Site: İstanbul

Istanbul is an important area for lots of bird species. Especially some species which are be in danger of extinction and migratory, goes by Bosphorus. But there are lots of projects will be built in İstanbul’s future. (you can see lots of them from this site: http://megaprojeleristanbul.com/ )

So the untouched areas will be the house for thes species. On the other hand actually there are lots of people who loves birds and interested in watching them. On a tour to go by a steamer you can see lots of people are feeding birds and watching them. So the seaside is safe and ready to find a food side for birds.Today there is a breakwater, which is in Haydarpaşa. It is not connected with the coast, and it is a new home for some species.They are habitating on a breakwater, and it is like a new small island which is artificial but last year some people wants to use breakwater as an advertise area.And birds were disturbed. There is lots of cormorant eggs and baby cormorants today.

This project aims to design(rehabilitate) that infrastructure (breakwater) again as an artificial island. We connected with some biologists and learnt how they live and use the area. And also we searched lots of things from http://ikgt.blogspot.com.tr/ . Designing for birds future has different rules from humans.


Ezgi Umut Türkoğlu,

Sena Özdemir

(Istanbul Technical University 4th year undergraduate students)

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