2016 / CUBIOUS – Category B

​CUBIOUS is a strange two-metre cube, where mushrooms, crickets and flowers are produced in close relationship to tickle and astonish

your taste buds. Invite your senses to come and discover this strange and amusing vegetable garden!

The CUBIOUS team stems from an inventive, original and fertile collaboration between students from the landscape school of Gembloux and Sint-Lucas Architectuur (KU Leuven).

Cubious is composed by three types of productions:

- A mushroom layer which had a producing and a heating function.

- A layer of edible insects fed from kitchen waste.

- A layer of edible flowers that grows on a compost layer mixed with soil extracted during the implementation of the structure.

The project itself was a part of the festival Parkdesign 2014 which was set in the green part of Tour & Taxis in Brussels.

Multidisciplinary team:

Landscape Designer:

- Vrain Dupont

- Claire Dauchy

- Mylène Boutelier

Architects :

- Anton Leonov

- Celia Tesseur

- Valerie Frys

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