2017 / Landscape design project of “Tongue of Bayil” Baku/Azerbaijan / A – Ideas

​Nowadays, public parks play an important role in urban environment: people are using those places for leisure and entertainment purposes. Especially in cities, where the densely populated, areas that are inactive during daytime are increasing and the industrial sites are growing rapidly, we need public parks where residents can get away from the negative effects of all these conditions and to stay alone with nature and to get rid of the stress of everyday problems. The geographical position, the climate conditions and the factors mentioned above give an increasing importance to public parks in Baku.

The site I have chosen for the diploma project is called “Tongue of Bayıl”. It is a hidden treasure of the city with its magnificent view of the sea and city. The land remained unused for many years. The reason for this is that the Bayil coastal line was covered by shipyards and refineries. however, the site was not a brownfield and it just was standing behind all these facilities.

When I was looking for a topic and a site for my diploma thesis, I met the authorities from the local municipality and the Department of Baku Boulevard. I was offered several unused sites to take into consideration with regards to my proposal. Among those sites was “Tongue of Bayil” fascinating me with its unique geographical situation, its relation to adjacent facilities. I saw great potential in it, that is why I have chosen it for my thesis.

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