2017 / RI(AZ)IONE_Adriatic Surgery / A – Ideas

​The case study that we show is Riccione (Rimini), a touristic town in the Adriatic Sea. As you can see in the first image, the touristic model that we introduce, is a model of privatization and extensive occupation of the beach.

Our project has the goal of reacting against this model, which although it is constantly reinventing, is also very vulnerable to natural disturbances, like for exemple the rise of the sea water level. What we propose is the study of a new landscape based on the assumption that a flood due to the climate change will come. We’ve seen that in the 2100, the coast will have a setback of 86m, what means that all this model of tourism will disappear.

Our strategies are three:

1_ To recover the former landscape of this coast, which was a dune system with a pine forest, in order to favor the natural regeneration of the beach in case of disturbances.

2_To create a “second coast”, what means to displace all the activity of the first sea line to a new axis and enhance it. This axis had the railway. What we propose is to use this layout to incorporate a new tram line, which breaks the barrier of the former railway and connects people.

3-To connect transversely both systems, the dunes one and the active new axis.

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