2017/ See the future in our forest/ A – Ideas

​Portugal has more than a third of its territory covered with forests, being these one of the largest and most important natural resources of the country. Forest ecosystems are one of the most valuable resources on several fronts, ensuring the enhancement of the landscape, preservation of biodiversity, regulation of water quality and water cycle and containment of soil degradation. In the background, there should be a valorisation within the horizon of sustainable forest management.

Forests provide for a set of actions to protect and improve the environment and are sometimes threatened by factors that not only compromise the profitability of farms but also threaten the preservation of biodiversity and the fight against climate change. It is therefore necessary to sustainably increase the productivity of forest systems without endangering the key role of forests in conserving nature.

Awareness of the growing importance of the role of forests makes it necessary to have a sustainable system that requires a permanent dynamic of innovation, in which the occupation of the forest system must be done, not only in terms of production, but also in the environmental, ecological, aesthetic, recreational, social and cultural points of view, thus bringing the forest society closer.

The purpose of this proposal is to present and apply a model of innovation in the forest sector that can truly combine the three fundamental pillars (environmental, economic and social dimension) in order to promote the approximation of man and the forest.

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