2017 / Spatial Flood – Between City, River and Uses / A – Ideas

​he following project proposes no boundaries in terms of a city and its adjacent water body, a canal in this case, through which envisioning a communication between both.

The project takes place in central Berlin, between the Museumsinsel and the Spree canal.

The canal lends its seasonal properties to the adjacent space, while the existing urban built, lends to the river its multi-functionality, in a concept that goes both ways, the ‘river in the city’ and ‘city in the river’.

The combination of both, also results in new uses in the canal space, therefore breaking the old boundaries between the two components.

The project is divided into four areas, which relate to the existing uses and reflects in the properties that the canal offers to these in order to be developed.

Also, throughout a section of the project, water filters are proposed, ending in improved water quality and the possibility for the water in the Spree canal to be used for leisure.

The result is a project that erases boundaries between two components or archetypes which have a weak spatial connection to each other but the project develops a new idea in order to reinforce this connection, resulting in benefits to both in the process.

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