2017 / Street festival PLACE FOR ALL / B – realized project

​Mini street festival – ‘Place for all’ - with range of daily activities, exhibitions, local food and drink offers, evening concerts, … which was organized and realized these year in the old town center of Krško, Slovenia by Architecture and Landscape Architecture Association Prostor vmes ‘Place between’ in collaboration with Humanitarian Student Assosiation Streha za vse ‘Roof for all’, was in its basis space intervention for raising and promoting the question of street livability. What can we do on the street, how can we use the given space, if we move the cars away? Even though there are not actual fences present, cars, crowd streets, especially in old, narrow city centers are restricting the freedom and privilege of pedestrians.

Festival occupied the whole closed section of CKŽ, while the main feature of the festival event was temporary low budged urban installation made out of construction pipes and pallets as sittings and stalls, with hanging green solutions, swings, floating roof, exhibitions, information and discussion tables, where we opened and broke the topic | ‘fence’.

Festival with its place contribution addressed people of all ages and different kind of interests.

Place of happening was strategically chosen, because of the location (old town center with community oriented surrounding programs – public library, intergenerational center and to the street open big band studio) and because of its recognized great potential for future reconstruction and possible multifunctional use.

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