2017 / Velopark of Loulé / A – Ideas

​As a result of the commission of a Landscape Architecture project for the surrounding area of the Municipal Stadium of Loulé, Portugal, this extraordinary opportunity arose to carry out a speculative investigation into the “logic of limits” in the transformation of the contemporary landscape. The motivations of the client - the Municipality of Loulé -

which triggered this public competition, must be underlined for the singularity of an order that, in the National and European context, presupposed the idea of “designing for openness” between a Municipal Stadium and the cityʻs public space. The cultural context in which this competition was launched also shows a clear paradigm shift in the design of the city, since it shows a clear concern with healthier life models, where the will to “abandon the automobile” repositions the role of motorization as an agent of urbanization in the second half of the XX century, in view of the growing role of the “multimodal citizen” of the 21st century.

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