2018 / A Different ‘World of Perception’ / A – Ideas

​Visual element is essential when considering aesthetics of natural landscape, and the world consists of visual elements.

Have you imagined losing your sight?

Unfortunately, everyone has a risk to lose their sight.

Blind Veterans UK is an organisation to help visually impaired people in their rehabilitation.

The issue of blindness and visual impairment is important because not only is the number of visually impaired people significant but it is expected that the trend for the number of people affected to be continually increasing. The biggest problem is that visual impairment can also be connected to mental disorder, mainly depression.

However, researchers have commented on the therapeutic effects of nature, particularly emphasizing that sensory experience can contribute to better mental health.

Hence, this project can help not only visually impaired people to relieve their mental problem through sensory elements, but also can make them realise that they are not in a pitch-black world, but live in a different ‘world of perception.

Consequently, this project propose the new idea for connecting people, place and nature beyond visual world.

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