2018 / Arpezos – South Park – The Art of Nature in the City / A – Ideas

​The project presents a new vision for sustainable development of the previously empty area around the Arda River. The Strategy includes the transformation of Arpezos – South Park and Arpezos – North Park into an urban green belt along the river that will become a harmonious intersection between man and nature.

The design is socially and environmentally oriented - aims to improve the quality of urban environment and to preserve part of it as a nature conservation area with ornithological significance. The uniqueness of the area is due to the heron colony located there - the only one in Europe nesting within the boundaries of a city. The species that inhabit the area are included in Red Data Book of the Republic of Bulgaria. The conditions are worsening every year and it is necessary to take actions for conservation the habitat with comprehensive approach for development of the territory and preserving the natural resources.

The aim of the project is to highlight the value of the habitat, maintain the ecosystem into the heart of the city and to create a public area with a positive role in the urban design at the same time. Inspired by The Golden ratio the space combines the potencial of the territory with favorable living environment where the balance between fauna, flora, people and place is achieved. The landscape has a positive impact on health and improves physical, mental and social well-being. The park provides opportunities for recreation and entertainment, cultural events, educational and natural science activities, sport, improves the access for disabled people, creates a bicycle network.

The riverside park area creates an emblematic view and demonstrates how in a present-day city can have a unique ecosystem preserving the richness of nature simultaneously with creating conditions for quality life for citizens even in the stressful and fast-paced days.

It is up to us whether nature will stay in the cities for now and for the future.

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