2020_Eszter_Rétyi_Line of fires_Category A

The idea I have displayed is inserted into the environment of a smaller settlement, this idea is intended to present the remaining tradition from the time of the Tatar invasion. A former custom, an activity that can only be seen in certain places on holidays. I would like to seize the layer of time that will help bring this back, not as a necessity article, but as a certain value in how nonverbal communication has been established, using a natural element used up to this day. Its role as an imprint would take up a permanent place.
The planned element would serve as the site of the beacon / noise tree, the leveler is the previous site, but it is already an area surrounded by paving stones, in the middle of which there would be an iron bowl / cauldron / bonfire holder.
My first aspect is the durability of the value / imprint, the presentation of a tiny moment of history, the development of the foreshadowing of the settlement, the presentation of the relationship between the sites, but at the same time I would like to raise the nature conservation / ecological aspect.
The poster contains two points of space that are used in the same way, thus giving momentum to the relationships that exist in the past.

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