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In 2100, according to the IPCC report, sea level will rise +1 meter according to the climate change. It will affect the Emilia- Romagna region of Italy. The part of the 11km long canal in Ravenna, which is an economic infrastructure for the city, will be flooded and effected socially, economically and environmentally due to the backdrop of rising sea level, and an interrupted connection between Ravenna’s city center and industrial areas.
As a concept, the city structure shows us the importance of water not only as a resource but also as trade, industrial and recreational purposes. The water has always given identity to the city of Ravenna. Based on these informations, The aim of the project is to improve the connection between people and the city, with new infrastructures which enhance historical values, social and cultural activities while creating a sustainable, climate-resilient landscape with the help of four strategies as river corridors, connector, new coastline and Canal Candiano. Besides, the project includes the improvement of the water management system with considering the flood risk and pollution. The project also gives a new direction to economy by creating a network which provides social and ecological sustainable infrastructure.

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