2022_Cat_A -Flamingo Nature Park

The Gediz delta is home to one sixth of the world’s flamingo population.

With the unfair use of common goods, it has changed the ecosystem in the Mavişehir region, disrupting the natural balance and oppressing life towards the discharge region. The city was planned in a superior human structure. This understanding has resulted in an ecological destruction caused by the priority of individuals’ own interests.

The attitude in the project can be expressed as an understanding of constructing a structure superior to nature. The nature-human relations were kept at a fair level and the interventions were made in a way that was directive or sometimes restrictive.

The aim is to ensure that the tissue thought to be necessary is reached by human intervention. In order to make this perception understandable by people, designs that do not step on the natural texture such as raised platforms and structures standing on feet have been developed. These are the structures that prioritize the functionality that is compatible with the texture, with reference to the water-integrated, delicate and makeshift appearance of “dalyan”, which is actually solid.

Flamingo Nature Park, located between the Northern route and the Western route, which is one of the main axes of the Living Parks; It is designed as a demo area of the idea of opening the Gediz delta to the visitor experience in the balance of protection/use. It is envisaged to contain uses such as a visitor center, nature puzzles, in-sea nature classroom, saltwater wetland plains, bird watching towers, which take as reference the natural and cultural inputs specific to the place such as saltwater wetlands, fish farming-livestock, bird population. In this way, it is aimed that the citizens have knowledge about the Gediz Delta and all other Living Parks, and have the awareness of protection/use by experiencing them. It is predicted that there will be a great increase in quantity and quality in the public open green space system, thanks to the İzmiras routes, which are located at the periphery of the city and whose traces leak into the city.

If we go on a historical journey in Mavişehir, we will see that the area we describe as an urban area is actually a natural area that is part of the Gediz delta, which had a wetland ecosystem 70 years ago. One of the main pillars of the project is to try to recreate this wetland, which has been erased from the memory of the city, within the urban fabric.
South Gediz Delta is home to many living species and is a region where flamingos live and breed intensively. One sixth of the world’s flamingo population lives in the south of the Gediz delta. For this reason, the Park was named Flamingo Nature Park.

The texture tried to be created in the Flamingo Nature Park was designed with reference to the structures found in the old years in the Homa Dalyan in the Gediz Delta. The delicate, yet durable structures that can be easily built in harmony with the existing texture have been built and used in Homa Dalyan with ancient methods for years. The building material is basically the pike (arundo donax), which is abundant in the delta. With this reference, it will be manufactured with similar building materials and methods in our park.

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