2020_Patryk_Antoszewski_BioSphere Reserve – Urban nature park_Category A

The purpose of the work was to create a design for the development of the former allotment gardens, Onufrego Kopczyńskiego and Marii Curie-Skłodowskej in city of Poznań in line with new trends in the pro-ecological design of urban green areas. Analyzes of: historical conditions, habitat conditions, communication accessibility, noise intensity, environmental impact and social expectations; which showed the necessary problems to solve, significance in the urban greenery structure and high ecological potential of the developed area. Conclusions drawn from the analyzes, the Local Site Development Plan, the site inventory and the technical infrastructure map were used to construct guidelines for the concept. A schematic concept was created, and developed into a detailed land development project. Restitution of the small river landscape which was historically located on the site of the study was the most important project task. Changed abiotic conditions allowed to introduct ten plant communities that may occurred in this area. These tasks were aimed at improving the ecological conditions of the area. The project involved creating a multi-layered park infrastructure, equipping it with multifunctional usable elements (multifunctional center, obstacle course, observation point, social garden, mown glade) and creating a nature educational trail. These components were designed to create the best possible space for the local community. The final verification of the project in terms of its sustainability has shown that this development concept meets the requirements of the ecosystem services, blue-green infrastructure and biomimicry assumptions.

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