2020_Fatih_Tosun_Biotope Parks_Category A

Biotope, by providing the most suitable conditions for the creatures, it enables them to continue their lives in perfect way. With mimicking of these natural formations, special areas can be designed for all kinds of living things. The areas become part of the ecosystem thanks to this top title which contains all the analyzes made in the designed areas.

So what is the advantages of the “Conceptual Biotope Design” are protection of endemic species, reduction of the usage of expensive and high-maintenance imported plants, protection of biodiversity, reduction of carbon emission by integrating low-cost areas to ecosystem.

In landscape projects, the analyzes may not include all the data of the area. Sometimes, only birds or endemic species are examined for flora and fauna analysis; parameters and other data serving their existence are ignored. But the ecosystem exists entirely, and the biotope concept is the strictest design decision that can serve the nature.

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