2022 Cat A - Bonarka Park: Two faces of space

The design of the Bonarka Park refers to the nature and history of the place. The former activity of the nearby quarry and the later established chemical plant “Bonarka” left their mark in the form of a significant degradation of the soil, disturbance of the topography and greenery. After many years, nature managed to revive and is now a green enclave in this location. The project presents “two faces of space” - natural - presented in the form of organic paths running through the most natural places, and historical - shown as geometric paths leading through the most disturbed part caused by the former mining industry. The whole design idea is to present a functional park with various activities. The interconnected history and nature are manifested in each designed element with a brick color.

It was important to bring out lost and forgotten views. For this purpose, elements framing the landscape directed at specific places were designed so that users moving around the park could focus their eyes on specific points.

In the selection of greenery, native species were used, which by their origin fit into the nature of the surroundings and the local existing vegetation.

An exhibition pavilion has also been designed in the park. It has two spaces dedicated to history and nature. The corten steel panels from which the building is built are designed to frame two views - the natural part of the park and the urban part, to show that two separate worlds can be reconciled with each other. The entire structure is powered by energy obtained from perovskites mounted on the roof.

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