2023 CAT A Changing Corrosion

In a post-industrial world, many problems arise in a city built around the main aim of production. The project addresses such issues in the urban area of Jesenice, where:
- Fragmented urban structure with a lack of accessible and connective public space fails to support the existing functional centers of the city as well as encourages the use of cars over walking and cycling.
- The connectivity of habitats and diversity of species has been damaged, causing a loss of ecosystem services, lower resilience to climate risks and poorer quality of life.

The site is a lost landscape, located right in the heart of the urban area, between the historic, cultural and administration centers. A functionally linked urban central area, structured not for cars but for connecting people, is needed to improve the quality of living.

Urbanisation processes and metallurgical industry emissions have led to air and soil pollution with critically increased levels of heavy metals in the valley today. This calls for establishment of a green infrastructure system which limits the dispersal of pollutants from their sources, restores habitat connectivity, and helps with adapting to climate change.

The modular design offers possibility to be applied to other locations, to be built in phases, and to create different ambients for diverse types of use. As the products of corrosion stay on the surface and protect it, equally, the history of the site stays apparent in the plan, preserving its character.

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