2020_Conceptual Project for Peralta Beach, Portugal_Category A

The project in question focuses on a beach located in the west coast of the central region of Portugal, where proper accessibility, both pedestrian and vehicular, was the main concern to address by the team. The proximity to the valley grants the Peralta Beach a very distinct and unique character as a recreational space and is marked by an obvious shade/light contrast within the programmed spatial elements.
The formal definition of spaces, such as the shaded parking and the belvedere, was essential for the articulation of all the program elements. The belvedere denotes a clear and obvious intention to both emphasize the open vistas to the horizon and accentuate certain focal point elements within the morphology of the valley. The beach facilities, located parallel to the coast line, were complemented with an access staircase and the sports facilities, with portable elements for easy relocation, were planned to complement and add a dynamic feature to the social activities on the beach.
The materials proposed for the project aim to minimize an artificial imposition on the beach and promote the use of natural and native materials, thus ensuring minimal impact on the existing landscape. Therefore, wood was proposed as the main support material for structures and a permeable compacted dirt pavement was favored for all hardscape areas. These materials embrace the requirement imposed by the seasonal human activity, while also mitigating the ecological footprint.

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