2023 CAT B “Cornflowers Garden”

The garden is part of a landscape route of remembrance of the First World War established by the Art & Jardins association | Hauts-de-France, composed of Gardens of Peace that are dedicated to the volunteers from different countries.
The Polish Garden of Peace has been made near the Monument of Polish volunteers in Neuville-Saint-Vaast, which commemorates the commitment of Polish soldiers alongside the French Army during the Great War. From 1914, there were Polish volunteers who fight with France, and in 1917, the creation of a Polish Army in France was authorised. It was commonly called the Blue Army, because of the blue uniforms worn by soldiers.
The garden is composed of hills and basins. It is a cocoon of greenery and silence with leakage paths opening toward the horizon, with relief punctuations echoing the shape of the caps of the Polish Army. In the centre of the garden are white concrete benches inscribed in different languages ‘never again’. Regarding the vegetation, it evokes the traditional Polish landscape and punctuates the route with symbols: lime trees, emblematic tree of the literary and artistic culture of Poland, cornflowers echoing the colour of the soldiers’ uniforms, and poppies in remembrance of the First World War. The garden thus offers walkers as a narrative and peaceful space, a place of resilience between past, present, and future.
As the garden is placed in the opened landscape, the plantings provide shade during heat waves and support pollinators that are commonly declining in the rural landscape.

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