2022 Cat A - Dolomite Park

The dolomite quarry is located in the northern part of Lithuania, Pakruojis district. The area is unique for its size, biodiversity, water bodies, surrounding heritage sites and its dolomite recources. Currently there are ongoing dolomite mining operations which continously change the quarry area. Design based by research implements the vision for the quarry landscape restoration. Once the project is completed, the area has the potential to become the part of the district’s natural and recreational network, also strengthen the identity and economy of the region.

Once the dolomite mining has completed the excavation processes the quarry is flooded with water and becomes the biggest water body of the Pakruojis district. The new artificial lake and its shores will become a habitat for various species. Therefore, it is proposed to preserve these natural areas.
Beside this, the creation of the Dolomite Park has the purpose to educate the visitor about the quarry and dolomite, the history of Pakruojis region. The main attraction is the observation deck located above the highest point of the hill that reveals the landscape of the quarry through the range of experiences on different levels.
Also, to provide wider range of tourism opportunities and offers the possibility for overnight stays we propose the realization of vacation houses. The strategic location of these houses is on the shore of the Petrašiūnai quarry. The proposed active zone includes the new beach, floating paths, etc. Each house is oriented towards the water and opens up to the panoramic view of the Petrašiūnai quarry. Existing and new vegetation implemented between houses creates intimate and semi-private areas.

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