2020_Wenya_Guo_DRY and MOIST_Category A

Berlin, Germany lies close to the water table and with an overwhelming amount of annual rainfall, the city has more water than its infrastructure can handle. “Wet triangle” provides a clear open space inside the city to test a new form of water management in Berlin, where storm and ground waters are reserved, absorbed and filtrated through plantings and landforms.
Because of the rain and Berlin-wall’s basement, the “wet triangle” is always muddy. The rainwater in the surrounding residential areas can only flow into the Spree River through the sewer pipe. So this project is a landscape response to extrem climate change, to change the experience in public spaces during heavy rain; It aims to instill a change in daily life to get deal with the future climate shocks in Berlin, and aspires to provide enhanced environments.
The new park is in the exciting interplay between urban and scenic atmospheres. The two basic building blocks of the park are: the grove around the dry area as a walk-in spatial sculpture and noise protection to prevent the influence of trainlines on this park, and there could also be a semi-closed area that offer a fresh, moist feeling; and the central lawns and meadow are as special as steppes, the topography could lead the rainwater flow to the rented area, to keep the lawns dry and solve the muddy problem.

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