The project aims to mend Florence’s urban structure, reconnecting the historical city center with the district of Campo di Marte - which are now separated by the sharp cut of a massive railway. The two sides are connected by a few and poorly planned footbridges. Campo di Marte is traditionally the city’s sport centre; however, its many sport facilities are mostly private and enclosed in a single area which is inaccessible without a membership and creates a second obstacle to people moving through this neighborhood.
The urban regeneration project aims to create a linear park by using the former structures and spaces of the railway, which are partially no longer in use as high speed trains will travel underground. New public sports fields and playgrounds are located above the underground railway. A new transport hub is created, as well as an eco-neighborhood. The parking lots of the stadium and of the ‘Nelson Mandela’ forum become green by de-paving and planting trees and shrubs.

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