2022 Cat A - E(CO)RRIDOR

Ayamama River,Istanbul,Turkey
To design the present and the future together.
Providing water management
The ecocorridor is a living corridor that provides unity for the city that produces together for the city.
Today, one of the biggest problems in cities is the water problem. The water system in the city can best be understood with the streams. A big corridor in Istanbul, the Ayamama Stream forms the green and blue system.
How we deal with water is key to regulation.We propose a system of natural drainage to manage water flows.Our purpose is the prevent the flood disaster. There have been many flood disasters here in the past.Therefore we designed a layered stream section.In section there are bottom river walk,middle river walk and top river walk. This means: to think about the present and the future together and to design accordingly.When the water level rise people use upper level of road. All time this place can used by all people.
Designing a living corridor. Coexistence of human and nature. Connecting between people,nature and animal.
Approaching design in an aesthetic way while protecting nature.
Ecocorridor: the cocorridor hosts events from areas where people gather, produce and meet.
Ecological corridor: It creates a blue-green system for the city. It is a wind corridor. It provides support for wildlife. It is a habitat area for birds, fish and animals. Biodiversity occurs. The ecosystem provides ecosytem service.
Social : Provides spaces for young, old and children of all ages to gather. Children learn from nature.
Spend time in nature. Green areas are good for people’s psychology. According to studies, crime rates are low in countries with more green areas. The river corridor is essential for the social health of the people .People feel nature here, observe, rest.

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