2022 Cat A - Fellini

This project is based in an Italian coastal town Rimini. The red thread of this project is the atmosphere that Fellini is showing in his movie Amarcord – I remember.

Our focus was to develop a better social system, which we supported with all the other systems important for Rimini development. Social aspects were a priority to us. With our plan for Rimini we tried to reach vision through Fellini’s eyes in the way he wanted to present the city in his movies. In that way we tried to bring back the old atmosphere of the town and the spirit of connected community.

We proposed reviving the public space by establishing strong urban districts that represent the “15-minute city”. We focused on one district center in which we deprived the importance of motor vehicles by establishing a pedestrian zone with an emphasis on a place for creating strong community.

While creating pedestrian zones we encouraged the reduction of car use in the city and gained space for the integration of greenery and open public areas – we redesigned the existing roundabout and created a park which is connected to the coast by a green embankment.

The embankment has several functions in the space: the main purpose is protection against the rising sea level and at the same time it serves as a recreational area. It is pleasant to use due to the greenery and it represents a habitat for animal species.

Like Fellini said: “Living a dream is like making a movie.”

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