2021 CAT A - Forest landscape restoration for climate-adaptive estate landscape

The project focuses on the estate zone of the Baakse Beek region (Gelderland province, the Netherlands), which is facing environmental problems mainly caused by historical human intervention and climate change. Besides, in the estate zone, as the land use changes caused by intense land reclamation and consolidation, the current agricultural productive landscape makes it not easy to perceive the rich historical layers.
This design intervention primarily focuses on the territory of two estates, Het Medler and De Wiersse, where ecological restoration of the aquatic eco-system and cultural-historical landscape experience can be strengthened by utilizing Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR).
By restoring forest landscape, it provides a green infrastructure to the estate zone to gain more spatial experience, ecological benefits, as well as cultural values, so that vulnerable aquatic eco-environment and cultural identity can be promoted. The project also aims to design a climate-adaptive estate landscape as a green infrastructure that connects the estates, local history, ecology value and societal value through forest landscape restoration.

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