Green corridors (Category A)

​Romania is a country with different landscapes and many forests, but fighting with one big problem in the main cities: dust and pollution. Timişoara is a western city of this country where the main thoroughfares become a probleme in the city because of the traffic and for now is still hard for the city hall to manage it. These boulevards are the ones who lead through out of the city, but also connect between them in the center of the city. During the last years, the statistics regarding the lung diseases or respiration problems where increasing in the city and one of the main cause was generated by pollution. These diseases affect pedestrians and cyclists in particular who need to use the same arteries as vehicles. Vegetation is missing on many bulevards, not enough or not the ones meant to resist in hard conditions. All of these lead to keep away some of the birds and some of the important insects for the ecosystem as bees.

Looking forward for a concept that could offer solutions to improve the quality of life and environment, our proposal come with building structures along the main thoroughfares as tunnels for automobiles. The reasons why these structures are proposed to be at the ground floor level and not underground, are the utility systems which are not too deep located and the huge costs for moving them. Implementing some new technologies could capture the air from the tunnel and filter it before releasing it into the atmosphere. Another change that is going to be felt by the residents is the reduction of the phonic pollution caused by automobiles.

This concept should bring many benefits for inhabitants as: being able to cross the boulevard in other places that the ones marked, walkers and cyclists are going to be beware from pollution, dust and noise, more public and green spaces for them by using the roofs of the tunnels. The residents living in the flats along this boulevards will no longer see streets filled by cars, because this are going to be covered with trees, shrubs and flowers. These tunnels can also improve the social interaction between the inhabitants by implementing a new platform that is going to create new public space. If this is going to work, there is going to be a possibility to integrate the minorities and to increasing the security.

The vegetation proposed to be plated along the thoroughfares and on the top of the new structures is composed by species resistant to pollution and used for bioremediation. In these way the ecosystem is going to be rebuilded and the birds, bees and other insects part of the biodiversity of this place are going to return.

Vegetation is the key to increase the quality of life in cities.

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