2020_Alexandros_Bantogias_HEP7APYRGION. Vision on the Acropolis of Thessaloniki Landscape again_Category A

The Heptapyrgion Fortress, which occupied the hill on the Acropolis of Thessaloniki, is one of the Balkan’s most emblematic fortification complexes. Thessaloniki is on the front line of climate change, as experiencing long-period droughts through summer and sporadic but heavy storms in the fall and spring. The urban open spaces and natural environment are limited, extremely shredded, without offering actual services to people. As a result, this Greek urban landscape suffers from severe ecological and social disorders.

The vision is articulated on three thematic horizons, serving the social, cultural and ecological needs by trying to redefine and reclaim the lost landscape qualities. The Cultural Horizon highlights, protects and gives prominence to the archaeological site throughout a purposeful design strategy that addresses the themes of revelation and public readability. The Socioeconomic Horizon encounters the public needs, by proposing an urban fabric that encourages social practice and everyday activities by offering public areas of high quality and productive services. The Ecological Horizon underlines the importance of natural environment in urban areas, enhancing the vegetation by considering the needs
and gradually aiming at restoring the disturbed ecological balance.

To this end, our project addresses the themes of cultural heritage nomination and general location gentrification by redefining the boundaries within the urban landscape, restoring the ecological balance and creating spatial continuities. Finally aiming to creating a new place for social practice that meets people’s expectations and at the same time being a landmark that underlines its cultural and historical heritage.

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